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A tale as old as time

By Kaylee Largent

“Disney has blown me away again and again. ‘Beauty and the Beast’ is truly a tale as old as time.” -sophomore Ana Gross

Disney has re-released another classic, and this time it is Beauty and the Beast getting the facelift. The Disney story was brought to life using real characters and settings as compared to the animated version made in 1991. The film provided fun songs and incredible images for viewers to indulge into as they watched the story of Belle and the Beast.

Sophomore Breez Duffy has grown to be a huge fan of the new Beauty and the Beast.

“I fell in love with the new Beauty and the Beast,” Duffy said. “Even if it was slightly different than the original, it still exceeded my high expectations for the film.”

As most remakes, a few things had to be changed, such as the story line, in order for the movie to be its own but that did not stop Duffy from loving the movie anyway.

“Spoiler alert, of course the movie is a little different than the original,” Duffy said. “But that should not stop anyone from going to see it.”

Chemistry teacher Andrea Dobney also fell under the new movies spell.

“The graphics were stunning and the characters chosen played their roles wonderfully,” Dobney said.

Despite these positive reviews, when the movie first came out, the was a lot of criticism toward the film and the characters.

“I tried to avoid anything concerning the movie before I saw it,” Dobney explained. “I didn’t want anything to ruin it for me.”

The classic Belle was played by none other but Emma Watson, and Dobney noted that this was a great choice by producers

“Emma Watson played Belle perfectly,” Dobney said. “I don’t know of anyone else who could do it better.”

Sophomore Ana Gross was also cautious of going to see the new movie because of the differences it might have compared to the older one.

“I have to admit, at first I didn’t want to see the movie,” Gross explained. “I didn’t want this remake to ruin one of my favorite Disney movies.” Ultimately, she was glad she chose to finally go see it. “Once I watched the new version though, I couldn’t believe that I waited so long to see it.” Gross said.

Disney has remade many of their movies in the past but none add up to Beauty and the Beast.

“I have enjoyed some Disney’s past remakes but didn’t exactly love them,” Duffy explained. “But that was not the case with the remake of Beauty and the Beast.”

“Disney has blown me away again and again,” Gross said. “Beauty and the Beast is truly a tale as old as time.”

Beauty and the Beast is a movie created for all ages to enjoy. There is no age limit on experiencing the Disney magic.


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