Hearts beat for the blood drive

By Samantha Johnson


“It’s really worth it; I mean I’m fine and even better with an Oreo,” -Lieutenant Richard Yule

NHS hosted the annual fall blood drive on Thursday, Oct. 5. Only four days after the Las Vegas massacre, students and teachers of Blue Springs High School recognized the importance of donating blood during this time.

“It makes [the drive] more important,” Lieutenant Richard Yule said, “There are a lot of people in recent need everywhere not only because of Vegas, but because of natural disaster.”

Donating blood can help during these times of need. Many people not only in Las Vegas but also in Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico need blood following natural disasters. During the drive, junior Maddison Browns reflected on her reason for contributing this year.

“This is my first time and it’s really just to save a life,” Browns said.

Blood donations are a community necessity and can save the lives of countless individuals not only after disasters but also other types of traumas, such as surgerys, car wrecks, or disease, where blood is needed. Yule sees the purpose and importance in saving lives nationwide.

“It’s really worth it; I mean I’m fine and even better with an Oreo,” Yule said.

For those who missed the BSHS blood drive, there are many other opportunities around the KC metro area to donate blood such as the Community Blood Center. Don’t miss out on a chance to save a life or in cities across the nation struggling to fill their blood banks.

“It’s really important that people donate so they help those in need,” senior Rachel Robinson said, “One hundred percent recommend others do.”