Golden Regiment Invitational draws large crowds to campus

By Rese Collins

On September 29th, the Golden Regiment hosted their annual Golden Regiment Invitational (GRI). Marching bands from around the midwest competed against each other, and Grain Valley finished first with their show “Watercolors.”

GR color guard coach Marisa Barzee was very positive at the GR’s performance of their show “From a Different Angle.”

“The show is amazing–the group as a whole is amazing, and we produced a great product and had a great run,” Barzee said. “There is always room for improvement that’s what is so fantastic about the marching arts in general. You’re here every day and you strive for greatness and that’s what we push for and that’s how we make it to Grand Nationals,” she added.

Entering her fifth year on the color guard staff, Barzee’s enthusiasm for both teaching and color guard helped her find enjoyment in her job.

“My love for color guard and my passion to teach kids and watch them grow and see all the light bulbs go off when they are on and off the field, (makes coaching) just an amazing opportunity,” Barzee said.

Barzee felt that Grain Valley’s performance was a solid one.

“(Winning is) fantastic for (Grain Valley).They ran a great program and they just get better and better every year and I’m just happy for them,” Barzee said.

GR color guard senior Lizzy Elliott said that GRI is one of her favorite parts about the fall marching season.

“Besides football games, it’s really our first performance we have and you have all these band people instead of your parents and football kids, but you actually have other bands from other places that come just to watch your show,” Elliott said.

Elliott also showed her appreciation to the other bands for being so supportive of the GR.

“They support you no matter what, even if you sucked…they still tell you you’re great because they are the only other people that know what you have gone through all summer and how hard you work and they are supportive no matter what,” Elliott said.

GRI also gave Elliott the chance to see other shows and encourage fellow band members.

“I normally go in and watch and support other bands because it’s also just really fun to get to go watch because it’s the first time that we really get to go see it,” Elliot said.

Elliott isn’t the only one that had a great time at GRI. Meeting new people was the best part of the show for sophomore trumpet player, Turner McCrorey.

“It’s a really fun experience to just meet other people with the same interests as you and people that are just as dedicated to their band like I am,” McCrorey said. “I got to meet some new people on the busses from other bands since I was a bus chaperone for the first 6 hours before our practice,” he added.

Like Barzee, McCrorey also talked about his opinion on the performances from both Grain Valley and the Golden Regiment.

“I was very proud about the show and I feel like we have come a very long way and of course we can always improve but I think we’ve done a really great job this year,” McCrorey said. “I wasn’t really surprised to find out that Grain Valley had won their show was amazing and I can’t wait to compete with them soon,” he added.

GR members will attend their first official competition on October 20th in Indianapolis.