Foga Returns to BSHS

“I came back because I knew this was where I wanted to be.” – Morgan Foga, new marketing teacher

Catie McArthur

Morgan Foga, a BSHS Alumni who now finds herself returning at her Alma Mater as a professional, expressed excitement to be back, surrounded by the strong sense of pride that Blue Springs students and staff possess.

“I came back because I knew this was where I wanted to be,” Foga said. “The culture here is just incredibly supportive. I had at least five, six, maybe even seven supportive encounters with administrators just within the first two and a half weeks of school.” 

The encouragement that Foga gets from her colleagues drives her to encourage her students even more.

“We as teachers should be finding students where they are and saying ‘Is there anything you need? What can I do to help you?’” said Foga. “The culture here is: how can we support teachers, so that they can support students.”

Before beginning her teaching career three years ago, Foga had a different life plan. 

“I actually graduated from Mizzou, worked in business a little bit, realized I didn’t want to do that, so I got a degree in marketing,” she said. 

Foga worked in marketing and was going to travel and work abroad doing youth development, but she ended up long term subbing. Substitute teaching helped her discover her passion for teaching.

“After I subbed, I went back to school, got my masters, did the whole family thing, and then I decided to come back and teach,” Foga said. “My teaching style hasn’t changed that much, but my ideas of education and how it should look is different than once I started teaching. The first time I ever long term subbed, I think I was at a point where I was young enough that I wanted to have a different relationship, but now I feel like I’m a little more me.”

Foga now takes on the role of a marketing teacher and DECA sponsor. She also manages the school store, Cats Corner. Foga’s life has come full circle and it has helped make her a better teacher. You can find her in room 314.