Memoly’s passion perfect Wildcat fit

New beginnings can bring on a variety of emotions, but for Leslie Memoly, the newest addition to the foreign language department, teaching at a new school only produced excitement. Her passion for Spanish and desire for her students to succeed make for a perfect Wildcat fit. 

“My favorite thing about teaching Spanish is when it just really clicks with a kid and I can see that they like it,” Memoly said. “Or I can see that they’re going to continue because they enjoy it, not just because it’s a requirement.”

Memoly has always had a love for the Spanish language. A foreign exchange student in Mexico herself, she now refers to the language itself as “her love.”

Of course, as in any class, attendance and determination are key. According to Memoly, practice is also a major key to success when taking a foreign language class. 

“Language is like math; you have to learn and understand every step, or you can’t be successful at the end,” Memoly said.

Coming from the FC and teaching the freshman level of Spanish, Memoly expected to have a few students taking the class to get their credit and move on. Passionate herself, she noted that when a student has a similar strong interest for the subject they take, teachers can reach a whole new level.

“The best thing about teaching at BSHS is teaching older students. I think they’re just a lot more dedicated and they understand how important it is,” Memoly said. 

Memoly has many goals for the school year ahead, the main one being to reach and teach students about the thing she is so passionate about, but also to have fun and grow relationships with her students at the same time. Looking forward into the 2019-2020 school year, Memoly strives to make a difference in how students view foreign language and push them to enjoy it rather than just being in it for the passing grade.