Randle brings love for chemistry to classroom

Jake Randle, new BSHS chemistry teacher, may have taken his time to figure out what he wanted to do, but once he found teaching, or rather it found him he knew that was the course for him.

“I was in college for a really long time, and I did not know what I wanted to do with my life. I took a couple years of taking classes, and then found out I really love [chemistry],” Randle said. 

Randle student taught BSHS, in fact in the same room he is currently teaching in, and feels he fully committed to teaching based on positive student feedback from end of the year 

“[During] student teaching I was kind of wondering around.  I kinda knew that the kids like me. I knew that I was doing a decent job getting information to the students,” Randle said. “A lot of kids wrote me letters and said hey you changed my year by doing certain  and that was a really special thing to me.”

There were letters that stood out more than the others, and one really touched him in a special way.

“[I told] one student in particular, I’m was not ok with him failing, and he took that and he raised his grade in my class to a B,” Randle said. “At the end he showed me that he had done that with other classes as well.”