Beautification projects show Key Club pride

Key club, an organization that focuses on helping people in need,  has many school and community projects scheduled. 

Key club is pretty much the best club in my opinion if you want to make a change. Key club is like the key to make the world a better place and fix issues around the community,” senior Rowan Smith said. “I have been in this club for only a little while and I can already drive by multiple places and say I made a change there.”

Key club does community beautification projects, such as going to Rotary Park and cleaning up all the trash. They also are currently making hospital cards and helping people in need feel better no matter in the situation they are in. 

“I love drawing, so I get to draw plus help people out,” senior Athena Brinkely said. “And I can go to a place that is dirty and make it look really nice that’s why I like this club so much.”

Key club members don’t only contribute to the community; their projects also improve their own self-worth. 

“This club makes you feel better morally. I like it because it makes you feel like you are making the place you live in better. This club makes you sure that you are making a footprint in the world,” junior  Lydia Simcosky said.

Key club members strive to make an impact in the community their school and community. Interested students can visit room 110 on the first and third Friday of the month for information.