Competition, community involvement FCCLA goals

In FCCLA, students participate in local chapter events and can also compete regionally and nationally, where their employable skills  knowledge is tested on a three level scale. The competition is based on grade level. In addition to competing, students help the school and the community around it

“FCCLA is pretty much a club where you find something that you feel strongly about and try to do something to fix it,” junior Martha Baez said.” After you compete, you try to do anything that benefits the school that you go to or the community around it.” 

FCCLA also helps beautify the school with decorations. Christmas is coming which means FCCLA is adding holiday decorations around the school. Also, students and staff can watch out for sales like baked goods andhot chocolate; all money raised goes to charity

“I would strongly recommend someone to join; it’s great.  You feel that you have made a difference at times and help people out, and other times you help the school and find something that you feel passionate about,” Baez said.

FCCLA focuses on character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge and career preparation

As FCCLA puts  in work for the holiday season, students can learn more about the club from FACS teacher Brooke Kendall, whoseher room is by the Cat’s Corner. .