Social worker Gordon a versatile means for success

“Life is hard, but you will always have support wherever you look.” -Erica Gordon, social worker

Today, many students are affected with stress, trouble at home, and other serious issues. The counseling office offers many utilities and resources to students to ensure success both on and off the campus. Housed in the counseling office, BSHS’s social worker, Erica Gordon, is here to help students cope with and overcome problems found within everyday life.

Gordon has previously operated as a kindergarten through 8th grade social worker at Paul Kinder, Sunny Point, John Nowlin and Thomas Ultican. Feeling the need to diversify her abilities, she transferred to Blue Springs High School last year in order to counsel grades 9-12. While Gordon valued working with younger grades, she appreciates the level of depth that comes with older students.

“I’m able to have mature conversations with students that are having conflicts with their parents, peers, teachers…going through life changes,” said Gordon. The ability to assist students who are experiencing the transition from adolescence to adulthood provides Gordon with a sense of pride found nowhere else.

After being in the field of social work for 12 years, Gordon understands what challenges students face, and she witnesses these obstacles they firsthand. With confidentiality being a key aspect of social work, students can rest easy knowing that what is said within Mrs. Gordon’s office stays within her office.

Despite being an “adult,” Gordon is just as capable of being a friend as a classmate. Whether a student needs advice, a safe place to vent, or even just someone to listen to what they have to say, Mrs. Gordon will provide.

“Life is hard, but you will always have support wherever you look,” Gordon said.

A social worker’s purpose is often varied, so they are equipped with the tools necessary to assist many different needs and requests. One could be struggling managing stress, having trouble at home, or even feeling a loss of purpose in their everyday life. Gordon is another piece of hardware within the toolbox of the counseling office that students can utilize to get their progress back on track. Gordon is capable of helping with a wide variety of issues, such as “abuse and neglect, utilities are off at home, food shortages, transportation issues… anything outside of the academic realm.” All students are welcome to converse with Gordon during the school day.

“If your last name starts with A through Z, I’m your social worker,” said Gordon.

Gordon takes immense pride in the work she is able to do for the students at BSHS. Bettering the lives around her has taught valuable lessons to both students and herself, and her students impact her just as much as she impacts them. Students can schedule a meeting with Mrs. Gordon through the counseling office.