Hey, You! Turn in Your Homework!

Being a high school student is hard; we all know this. Maintaining a solid GPA can take a lot of labor; however, here is a helpful tip to assist you in getting that sweet 4.0 GPA (or something close to it).

Despite being one of the most obvious ways to improve your grades, one piece of advice reigns supreme: TURN IN YOUR WORK. Even if you bombed the assignment, forgot to finish it, or even tore it in half, turning in SOMETHING is far superior to turning in NOTHING. Many subjects, especially math, give out partial credit on problems simply for attempting them and showing work. Turn in your work regardless of quality, as all points count towards a positive grade in the end!

While some may argue that there are weighted classes where homework is only worth 15%, the homework still has a purpose. The other 85% of one’s grade heavily relies on test scores, and completing homework is the most straightforward way to memorize information and study for upcoming exams. Homework is worth more than just points; it’s a tool to assist in the comprehension of your studies.

In the end, even if you are struggling in your class, begin by turning in all of your work regardless of quality. Not only will it net you points, but it will also help your understanding of the content in the class and let your teacher know what you need help with. It’s easy, all you have to do is turn in your work!