The role of appearance in self-confidence

A student’s life isn’t an easy one, that’s for sure. The measurable amounts of stress through can sometimes simply be too much for one person to handle. This week I’ll be looking into ways to help manage body image issues and imbue confidence in your image.

While it may not seem like it, the person who is judging you the most is yourself. Every student is going through the same struggles, more or less. Spending time judging people based on the way they look isn’t something most people do. If someone happens to judge you based on the way you look, they aren’t worth your time to begin with. The people who do care aren’t worth your time and those who are worth making friends with don’t care.

Despite most people not caring how you look, appearance is still a major factor to self-image. If you’re still looking to improve your presence, wearing cologne or perfume can significantly increase one’s courage and make you more pleasing to be around. Try experimenting with different scents at home for things like duration, potency, and aroma when testing which body spray is right for you. Additionally, going through your closet and cleaning out clothes that are old, worn out, or don’t fit can tidy up your wardrobe and reassure you that you’ll be looking fresh every day.

Even though your image does contribute to your presentation, it’s not the only thing that defines you as a person. Your appearance certainly matters, but it’s not the biggest thing that contributes to who you are. Just remember that people will judge you by the content of your character, not the way you dress up when you go to public school.