Archery inspires Butcher to persevere

“It’s something I’m really passionate about and really enjoy doing. It opened me up to an entirely new community.”- Lauren Butcher, senior

Senior Lauren Butcher strives to exemplify the two traits that archery i focuses on: precision and patients.. Butcher began her archery journey in the wake of a serious accident to expedite her recovery. 

“I broke my back in seventh grade while I was in gymnastics and archery is a back strengthening sport because it works your low trapezius and your triceps,” Butcher said.

Butcher never went back to gymnastics, instead focusing her time and energy on the sport she had grown so fond of. Beginning archery changed her life for the better and gave her the opportunity to broaden the horizons of many others.

“I compete and I teach,” Butcher said, “My job is to teach archery to kids and adults and I’ve been working for over a year.”

Butcher believes that anyone can become a great archer; all it takes is determination and dedication.

 “We have people from all walks of life; I’ve taught a three year old and a ninety-two year old,” Butcher said,.“People just need to be willing to learn.”

Archery is in some ways unique from other sports, as it is generally considered an individual activity. There are many misconceptions about archery, and Butcher was glad to clear some of them up.

“A lot of people have the misconception that archery is a dangerous sport, which I guess it can be when it comes to hunting, but there’s a lot you can do with archery,” Butcher said.

Archery is an incredibly versatile and varied sport that can be tailored to anyone’s personal preference. Another common draw of archery is its relatively low price tag.

“You can hunt, you can compete, you can do it for recreational purposes,” Butcher said. “It’s actually an inexpensive sport since you can choose to buy cheap or expensive equipment.” 

Butcher’s ideas about archery and what she wants out of it have changed over the years.

“My goal in the beginning was hunting, but I began teaching and really loved it,” Butcher said,“It’s something I’m really passionate about and really enjoy doing. It opened me up to an entirely new community.”

Archery taught Butcher focus, a trait that will help her immensely in school and beyond. Butcher’s greatest accident led to the discovery of her passion. Her’s is an inspiring story of overcoming obstacles.