Davin Lee Scores Perfect on ACT Test

Davin Lee Scores Perfect on ACT Test

Davin Lee, a Senior at BSHS, discusses how he achieved a perfect score on the ACT and how he set goals to ensure his success. 

Like the rest of us, Lee also experienced pre-test jitters before this daunting exam. To help lessen these feelings, he spent his time completing practice test questions and challenging his knowledge and comprehension skills each day. Since his freshmen year, Davin set goals for himself to prepare for the fateful test day. 

“I felt really good about it,” he says. Of course, he too was anxious about the test considering all of the questions are completely new. He knew that the test information was the same for each test, but he was worried about the wording of the questions. Lee states that he was most optimistic about the Math and Science sections; however, he found that he had the hardest time with these portions despite his preparation. “Math and Science had me working to the last minute,” Davin states. 

Although his feelings during the test weren’t ideal, Davin was quite prepared for this exam. As stated before, Davin made a point to complete a few past ACT questions every day throughout his high school career doing just a few problems focused on one subject. He then began completing full ACT practice tests for each section on a weekly basis, start to finish, all to become familiar with the rigorous style of the test. 

Concerning the ACT prep class, however, Davin makes this statement, “I haven’t taken ACT prep; though the class seems useful in increasing one’s score.” He believes that success on the test “becomes a matter of sheer repetition.” 

Coming into the final week before the test, however, Davin took more basic disciplines to ready himself by ensuring he was getting quality sleep, drinking enough water, and practiced a balanced diet. He states that his studying tactics were never a “grind.” It’s all about consistency to practice every day and not making it something you dread. As for advice for the upcoming School-Wide free ACT test for Seniors, Davin states, “At the end of the day, it’s just a test. If you are prepared, this is a great opportunity for you!” 

Davin has big plans of going into the future with hopes of attending Princeton or another Ivy League School these following years, studying computer science, and entering business school soon after. Davin, however, makes a point to say that he doesn’t have much confidence going into the future; rather, he has optimism. Nothing is certain in life, but one can always hope it will turn out the best it can be.