Cindely Barrios Discovers Her Passion for Traveling


Cindely Barrios, a sophomore at Blue Springs High School, was at her happiest when she traveled to Minnesota with a group of her friends. She blasted music in her rented bus, hosted campfires every night, kayaked, and ate out every day. “Going to Minnesota with a group of friends for a week was my happiest moment because we didn’t have to worry about anything…We went tubing, zip-lining, rock climbing, and water skiing. For the first time, I got sunburnt.”  

Traveling to Minnesota helped Cindely realize that staying in Missouri for the rest of her life was not an option. She wants to explore the world, traveling to places like Italy, Cancun, and the Bahamas.  

When considering her future, Cindely states, “I want to live on my own and become financially stable by being an entrepreneur. I want to open my own animal clinic and marry somebody who wants to become his own boss in a different field…”  

Family is also an important part of her future. In fact, Cindely would like to adopt two kids. She prefers to adopt kids because there are many children who do not have homes. She doesn’t want to have her own kid when she can provide for someone else’s child. 

Cindely’s true motivator for financial stability is to have enough money to travel around the world. “I want to open my own clinic because why work for someone else…for a small amount of money…when I can have people work for me and gain profits from the buildings I own.” 

Cindely also dreams of owning seasonal houses in the places she visits, so she can have more of an opportunity to explore the world. “Why would I stay in one place when I can visit other places and be happy.”