BSHS Provides Free ACT and Practice Tests to All Students


On Tuesday, October 5th, The Blue Springs School District is providing all seniors an opportunity to take the ACT free of charge. Sophomores and juniors will similarly be taking practice ACT and pre-ACT to help students experience the length and difficulty of the test. 

Mr. Spencer, an assistant principal here at BSHS, explains the process for providing this test. Spencer states he and the admin team produced the structure behind this school-wide testing day. The system is set up like a pyramid to prepare specific grades with the skills they may lack in standardized testing. 

Sophomores will receive a pre-ACT test, which mimics the ACT in many ways. However, the test will be shorter than a typical ACT with a simple emphasis on familiarizing the students with the length of the test and the difficulty of the questions. It will be completed in one sitting with no breaks. The sophomores will also be stationed to test in a “mass setting” within the commons. 

Juniors will be in classrooms and seated in rows similar to the actual test. They will be taking a past, paper-copy ACT that is set up for easy grading so the students may receive their sub-scores and possible overall ACT score soon after their test is over. The schedule of this test will be the same as the ACT standard schedule, so all juniors will have brief breaks between sections and time limits for each of the four portions. 

Seniors, however, will be taking the actual ACT test during this time. The ACT standardized test,  generally a $55 assessment, will be given to seniors without charge, and it will produce a score that is completely college portable. This opportunity serves as a “plus 1” among other chances students have over the course of the year to achieve the score they need to earn scholarships and acceptance into their desired universities. On test day, seniors will be seated separately from other testers within the ELA halls. All senior testers will also be in rows and seated alone just as any other ACT would be. 

Mr. Spencer goes on to state that their job, as teachers and administrators, is to prepare students for opportunities like these.  Instructors at BSHS are here to help their students succeed in any way they can; however, the students must work just as hard to achieve their goals! “You’re going to get out of it what you put into it,” Spencer states. Sophomores and Juniors that work for and take advantage of their practice tests will see that transfer over to their official ACT score. And, seniors who take the time in their studies for the ACT will see improvements in their final scores next Tuesday! 

Mrs. Vietor, the English and Reading section instructor for the ACT prep class, gives the below advice to students taking the ACT. She states: 

  1. Do not leave any answers blank! Always keep an eye on the clock and work respective to how much time you have. 
  1. If time is soon to run out, choose a letter and fill the rest of the questions with that answer. 
  1. Get 8-9 hours of sleep the night before the test. Sleep and rest are important for a focused mind! 
  1. Hydrate! 
  1. In the reading section, skim and examine all of the passages first thing, then complete your worst or most disliked passage last.