Mrs. Gilmore Shares about Teaching


Mrs. Gilmore is a math teacher here at BSHS, and she has been teaching for 16 years. Mrs. Gilmore says her favorite part of teaching is the “a-ha moment…when students are kinda struggling with a concept and the lightbulb just goes off in their head and they get it.” She continues, “I love that, seeing glimpses of joy for learning.”

Mrs. Gilmore truly has a heart for her students and loves seeing them succeed. Although Mrs. Gilmore loves the a-ha moment, she equally dislikes student apathy. She explains that “students who just won’t do anything, don’t seem to care and say they can’t do something” is her least favorite and most challenging part of teaching math. 

Aside from being a math teacher, Mrs. Gilmore is also a coach for the robotics team. The robotics team competes in two multi-day competitions, and if they win then they will move on to world championships. When discussing robotics, Mrs. Gilmore explains that “every year we have to design and build a robot to play that game, and every year there is a new game for the robot to play. There are opportunities to earn points, earn ranking points, do all sorts of crazy things. ” Coaching the robotics team is a challenging task, but it is also tons of fun.  

The robotics team is not the only thing that Mrs. Gilmore enjoys about the second semester. She explained that the second semester is easier in some ways than the first semester because she has already established relationships with her students, which makes it easier to just dive right in and get to work. Also, she admits that getting to know her students more helps her to better teach the material in a relatable way.

Mrs. Gilmore is a wonderful teacher with a big heart for her students, and she genuinely cares about each one of them.