@BSHS Sleeps Catches Students Snoozing


At one time or another, we have all been guilty of falling asleep in class. Some of us may have luckily gone unnoticed, some may have been awakened by the teacher after snoring too loudly, and some may have left some slobber behind on the desk.  However, thanks to Instagram pages like @BSHS Sleeps, not until recently could your snooze session be frozen in time and posted for the world to see. 

If you’re in the need of a good laugh or unique sleeping ideas, it’s time for you to check out the @BSHS Sleeps Insta account, if you haven’t already. This account, which uploaded its first post on December 6th, now features over 140 images of our student body snagging a nap here a campus.

After we at the Purple Post started following this account, we decided to try to find out more about this account and the person(s) behind the posts. Luckily, we were able to conduct an anonymous interview through Instagram Direct. Continue reading to find out more!

The creator of this snoozing-students-focused account attributes their inspiration to a viral trend by saying that originally  “There was a TikTok trend, so I decided to make the account.”

After uploading their first student sleeping post in December, the @BSHS Sleeps account quickly grew to 600+ followers, and it continues to grow. As explained in the interview, “I didn’t expect to get 600 followers. At the time, other BSHS sleep pages had 200+. I only expected to get 200-300 followers, but now we have more than @wildcatsenate.”

Initially, the main goal for the account was to beat South’s sleeping page, which currently has 587 followers. “There wasn’t a goal for the account when I made It but in December-January, I was trying to pass South’s sleep page’s followers,” the account creator says.  

Since that goal has been accomplished, the goal now is just to capture as many sleepy students as possible, and there’s no shortage of those. Some days “I would get 15+ submissions” of sleeping students, states the anonymous account owner.

As curious as we all may be to find out the person behind the posts, the owner of this account still chooses to stay anonymous. BSHS Sleeps creator states, “I’ve kept my identity anonymous because I think having someone publicly run an account like this is clout chasing…” However, it is known that “Right now, just one person…” runs the account. Though the creator admits that “there are multiple people with the account information.”  

Running an account like this comes with one main obstacle: “I’ve been asked to remove a ton of photos and most of the time it is because someone sent in a picture of their friend and didn’t ask them first,” explains the owner. Aside from that, though, the account creator finds “the comments entertaining” post of running the account.

Overall, the message the account owner hopes that the account sends is to “not sleep in class, pay attention, but also have fun.” However, be warned that if you do find yourself nodding off in class, you may end up on our Instagram! 

Keep sending in pictures!