As the World Mourns


On the morning of September 8th, Queen Elizabeth II died at the Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Due to the concerns from her doctors, the Queen remained under medical supervision shortly before passing. The news of Queen Elizabeth’s death shocked the world, and many parts of the world have come together to remember and mourn the Queen. Even students here at BSHS.

Ryleigh Bradley, junior, states, “I think it was a shocker. I didn’t think she was going to pass anytime soon, or this year at least.”

Ryleigh Bradley, Junior

However, Bradley questions if she had a strong enough influence, stating, “We saw her as the Queen but not necessarily as a real person, more of a public figure. I think a lot of people could agree with me on this that few people care about her death.”  

Queen Elizabeth was Britain’s longest reigning monarch, wearing the crown for over 70 years. Throughout her lifetime she appointed 15 prime members and met with 13 US presidents.  

Some of the internet’s reaction towards the Queen’s death expressed emotional tributes and gratitude, while some uploaded offensive memes including bizarre messages from brand accounts. The gift company, Banter King, released a TikTok meme suggesting the queen would rise from the dead and attack Megan Markle if she came “to say her goodbyes.” Multiple rumors about the queen’s death – and previous false alarms about her death – were also fueled by social media. Through her durability and longevity, she became the source of continuous memes.  

Asia Petty, Junior

Besides the memes and the jokes, the public never failed to acknowledge her achievements. According to Asia Petty, junior, “I think that it’s really sad, but she lived a long life, and she did a lot of things….” One of her accomplishments was that she was the Head of the Armed Forces when she turned 18, playing a significant role in World War II. Queen Elizabeth is also known for her stability. During her reign, her steady, calm approach was what the nation needed during chaotic periods.  

Now the that queen’s son, King Charles III, must step up, many students at BSHS have some speculation surrounding his character, specifically when it comes to Princess Diana’s, his ex-wife’s, death. One of these students

Betania Dawitt, Sophomore

is Betania Dawit, a sophomore. She says “I

heard that the car Diana was in, and the car the emergency people checked, had different plates…. I also think the queen kind of knew what happened with Diana’s death.” Dawit refers to the events that took place on August 31, 1997, when the princess’s driver, Henri Paul, lost control of the car and collided with a pillar in the middle of the highway, immediately killing Diana, the Princess of Wales, Dodi Al Fayed, and Paul. At the time of the accident, it was reported that Paul was three times over the French drink-drive limit.  

Ever since the divorce of Princess Diana and King Charles, scandals have been released regarding the royal family. Mr. Vietor, English teacher, comments on the queen’s children, saying, “Three of the four got divorced and the latest one, Andrew, has been linked to sex scandals with young girls.” Prince Andrew has also been connected to Jeffrey Epstein. His ties with the late convicted sex offender had him stripped of his royal duties. “So, I kind of side with Jackie Kennedy, who once said, ‘If you bungle your children not much else matters,’” comments Vietor.  

Michelle Vietor, Teacher

With the public waiting relentlessly, the funeral of Queen Elizabeth was eventually held on Monday, September 19th. Some students and staff are eager to share their thoughts after watching this procession. Mrs. Vietor states, “I think they did a good job putting it together, and I felt like I was witnessing something from the 1600s that the ordinary person would not have been able to see.” The procession, led by the newly anointed king, passed Buckingham Palace where the staff members lined up in front of the palace to pay their respects. 

Ruby Hays, Sophomore

Ruby Hays, sophomore, shares her thoughts, “Um it was very sad, honestly, because you can feel the mourning in the country. So, I watched the first procession, and they cleared off all the streets, and only the people that were allowed on highways and everything were just the queen’s car and the security around it. And it was kind of like daunting that she’s dead and it was s a lot. There was a lot of emotion.”

Queen Elizabeth’s coffin will be transported to Windsor, outside the British capital, where she will be laid to rest.