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    Wilson honored with outstanding chemistry teacher award

    On May 1, chemistry teacher Jennifer Wilson was noted by the the American Chemical Society as an outstanding high school chemistry teacher. She was nominated by UMKC dual-credit coordinator Dr. Ken Kramme. This award is given each year to honor and celebrate achievements in advancing the chemical enterprise and making a positive impact in organizations, communities, and society.

    To Wilson, it’s all in a day’s work.

    “I work hard, try to be prepared for class, start on time, and help the kids. I just did the work I normally do everyday and that is how I got this award. I love my students and I want them to be successful,” Wilson said.

    Students noted that Wilson’s reliability, teaching style and compassion that set her apart.

    “Mrs. Wilson is a teacher who I know that, if I’m in trouble academically or in life, I can always depend on her to help. This year was my first year with a college class and while I had a lot of doubts, Mrs. Wilson reassured me that I would get through it. She would never allow any of her students to fail without trying to help them first,” junior Arica Lee-Anderson said.

    While the award recognizes achievements in the chemistry field, Lee-Anderson noted that Wilson’s attributes extend beyond the classroom.

    “She is always encouraging us to tackle new things whether it’s with our diets, traveling to different parts of the world, or just learning out of our textbook. While some teachers don’t always really care about our personal lives, Mrs. Wilson finds the time out of her day to help and to become a shoulder to lean on. All or the things that she has done is her way of preparing us for the real world and for that I am thankful,” Lee-Anderson continued.

    Students recognize Mrs. Wilson’s service and how much she cares for each student.

    “Mrs. Wilson is a very caring person. She helps not only with chemistry, but also with personal problems. She takes on the role of the ‘cool aunt’ who you can tell anything to that you can’t tell your parents,” senior Haley Walker said.

    Walker added that Wilson’s teaching inspired her to continue her chemistry study.

    “She made chemistry fun and she is the reason why I am majoring in Chemistry in college. I will carry on the knowledge I have gained from her for years to come. She is an amazing teacher and an amazing woman who deserves all of the success she has now and will have in the future,” Walker said.

    Cool aunt, dedicated teacher and caring confidant, Wilson was credited by Kramme with establishing dual-credit chemistry at BSHS and making it a tremendous success.

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