Boys Basketball Team Comes Together to Achieve a Common Goal


The boys’ basketball varsity team has had quite the streak this year with a 13-3 win ratio and a ranking of 6th in the Missouri-Kansas area as of January 21st. The team has had some of the strongest chemistry the coaches have ever seen and many of them believe the motivation behind it all will carry them all the way through the state series. 

“The varsity group is so close outside of school,” states Joe White, a junior on the varsity lineup. He continues, “not very many teams can give their all on the court – even go a little too far – and still be friends after.”  

White has been playing basketball since he was six years of age. He has always enjoyed the thrill of the game and claims the competition they are experiencing now makes it all the better. “I think this season will improve my game for next year because next year I will have a bigger role,” White says. 

Another varsity player, senior Ikenna (Ike) Ezeogu, has been playing the game since 1st grade. He’s continued to compete throughout the years because he “enjoys how creative people can be.” He also states, “I like how competitive the close games get.”  For him, the game has always been a learning experience. Now on the court, he plays as both an inspiring leader and a progressing athlete.  

The training, however, demands a lot of these players. Constant shooting and running drills put a lot of strain on the body, but these drills have clearly worked in producing such a successful team. Like White, Ezeogu agrees that this year’s teammates “are good at sticking together even when things get bad…just because we are all focused on our one goal and that goal is winning.” 

The boys’ basketball team has seen some exciting accomplishments this year, including games against St. Michaels and North Kansas City High School. “We have our greatest performances versus our hardest opponents,” White explains. Their only three losses this season have been very close games. “We have a chance to make it to state and hopefully we make it,” he continues.  

Of course, every team has places they can improve. Many of the athletes admit that they struggle heavily with defense. “We struggle with rebounding and boxing out,” Ezeogu explains, “We just need to stay focused and motivated.” The team certainly has the talent and the training, the rest comes down to sheer will. 

Over the weekend, these players came together to beat Blue Springs South by a whopping 75-31. On Saturday, they kept the winning spirit alive by beating the #2 Kansas high school team by 7.

This week, the Wildcats hit the court on Tuesday at Park Hill and will be back at home on Friday against Ray Pec. Come and support your fellow Wildcats!